The core UNICOM mining and mineral processing project activities are focused in the former CIS countries - mainly Russia and Ukraine
- mineral processing technology supplies
- hydro transport projects and solutions
- turn key mineral and ore processing projects
- engineering and consultant activities

AK ALROSA – diamond exploration, (Russia  - Yakutia )

RUSAL – bauxite processing - alumina (Russia, Ukraine)

Krimskiy Titan – titanium sands concentrate  (Ukraine)

DTEK Doneck – coal processing plant „COF“ (Ukraine)

Odessa – cement plant (Ukraine)

Construction & civil engineering
- drainage and water supply ,
- sprinkler, hydrants and firefighting  equipment
- sanitary equipment
- air ventilation systems

Construction & civil engineering
- electric switchboards, MCC
- cables and busbars  
- electric accessories

Industrial waste water treatment plants Galvanic plants

Solar power plants - turn key projects UNICOM as owner operate 1 MW solar power plant in Slovakia